The Beckman Institute has several venues suitable for classes, seminars and conferences. The largest of these rooms is the Beckman Institute Auditorium which has a capacity of 200 and is equipped with built-in LCD projector, viewing screen (for overheads, slides and video), and blackboards. There are several smaller seminar rooms. The inner courtyard, known as the Glanville Courtyard, is generally used in conjunction with one or both of the archway areas for outdoor events such as receptions.

The following rooms and outdoor spaces are available:

Beckman Institute Auditorium Seats 200
Class/Conference - Rm. 121 Seats 35
Class/Conference - Rm. 115 Seats 35
Conference Room - Rm. 228 Seats 12

Beckman Institute Courtyard (Glanville Courtyard): Center garden courtyard
East and West Covered Patios: Covered open patio space on each side of the courtyard
Gene Pool area (DNA Fountains): Area along both sides of the fountains
East Lawns: Lawns north and south of the Gene Pool
Beckman Lawn (West Lawn): Between the building and Wilson Ave.

For inquiries and reservations, contact Rick Jackson or Susan Ruffins, or e-mail: