Functional Genomics Resource Center

Barbara Wold – Principal Investigator
Brian Williams – Director

The Functional Genomics Resource Center develops and disseminates experimental and computational methods for functional genomics. These include RNA transcript expression from traditional samples, small pools of cells and single cells; genome-wide transcription regulatory protein occupancy (ChIP-seq of all kinds); long distance chromosomal interactions; and various assays of regulatory elements. Our objective is to develop useful and well-controlled protocols and standards and to help Caltech labs adapt and use these tools in their own systems. We work in close collaboration with the Jacobs Genetics and Genomics Lab (Igor Antoshechkin director). The analysis and integration of RNA-seq and ChIP-seq datasets is a rapidly evolving, computationally intensive area. The best choice of software tools and running parameter choices depends on the aims of the study and on specific data properties. Consulting with FGRC staff about the analysis path is best begun at the design stage of a study.

Major instrumentation for FGRC programs is joint with the Beckman Institute Protein Expression Center (robotics for automated ChIP and high throughput transfection) and the Jacobs Genetics and Genomics Center for high throughput DNA sequencing, which is done primarily on the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform.


Brian Williams, Ph.D.


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Barbara Wold

Principal Investigator

Bren Professor of Molecular Biology

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