Laser Resource Center

Harry B. Gray – Principal Investigator
Jay R. Winkler –
MBI and Director

The goal of the Beckman Institute Laser Resource Center (BILRC) is to provide the Caltech research community with facilities, instrumentation, and guidance in steady-state and time-resolved laser spectroscopy, conventional spectroscopy, photophysics, and photochemistry. A primary focus is time-resolved spectroscopy for measurements of chemical and biochemical kinetics and the elucidation of reaction mechanisms.

BILRC Spectroscopy resources include:

  • Transient UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy: time scales from picoseconds to seconds
  • Time-resolved luminescence: picoseconds to seconds
  • Steady-state and time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy
  • Stopped-flow kinetic spectroscopy
  • Circular dichroism spectroscopy

BILRC Lasers include:

  • Regeneratively amplified mode-locked Ti:Sapphire
  • Regeneratively amplified mode-locked Nd:YAG
  • Q-switched Nd:YAG
  • Nd:YAG pumped optical parametric oscillator
  • CW Ar-ion
  • CW Ti:Sapphire
  • CW He:Cd


Harry B. Gray

Principal Investigator

Jay R. Winkler